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Introduction to the Thesis Statement

Students have been trained for many years to follow the pattern of structuring their thesis statements around their essays' main points. I call this the "laundry list" thesis statement. It isn't presenting an argument, which is the purpose of the thesis statement. It presents the points to the argument, which means the thesis has been created out of smoke and mirrors. In the lecture below, we will talk about how to work on a thesis that does more than listing main points.

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Integrating Direct Quotes

This lecture will cover how to correctly integrate sources along with basic rules about the use of quotations and the difference between an effective citation and one that does not work. Students are provided multiple citation methods for the various approaches one uses when references an author's work.

Logos, Pathos, & Ethos

This lecture provides an overview of these three rhetorical devices by first explaining the terms and providing relatable examples. It then moves on to explore the use of the devices in "A Modest Proposal", exploring the reasons why Jonathan Swift's argument ultimately failed. Students do not need to be familiar with Swift's essay to follow the lecture.

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Preparing for Timed Writing

This lecture provides students with multiple strategies that will reduce their anxiety about timed writing and help them prepare in the process. It breaks down various pre-writing techniques along with providing a method for time management during the exam.

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Engaging Introduction Paragraphs 

This lecture video provides an overview of specific techniques when approaching the introduction paragraph. It first addresses various misconceptions regarding the structure and purpose of the introduction and then provides several sample introduction paragraphs, highlighting why they are successful.

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Writing Conclusion Paragraphs 

This lecture video is intended as a companion piece to the lecture on introduction paragraphs. It first addresses various misconceptions regarding the structure and purpose of the conclusion and then provides several sample conclusion paragraphs, highlighting why they are successful.

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Coming Soon!

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Parts of Speech Coming Soon!

Over the years, I've found that students can still use a refresher on the basic concepts in relation to grammar. I've also found that School House Rocks is still the best way to convey those concepts. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I've curated the videos that are most helpful when introducing students to the building blocks of grammar.

Understanding Clauses Coming Soon!

In order for students to fix those basic errors like fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices, they need to understand the basic components of the clause. This lecture provides a definition for the term along with running students through various examples of what is or is not a clause.

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