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Starry Night


At one time

it loomed

amid dusted



in the house

swollen grey

with silence.

I was young then

(almost too young)

on the night

it first sang:

disjointed melody

as she re-corrected

her fingering,

a quiet cantabile cresting

then flowing forth.

Mesmerized by her


I almost didn’t hear

the words

haunting the underscore,

an ethereal epistle

to her husband–

blue, blue, my world is blue

blue is my world now I’m

without you...

Like fire flies whirling,

the notes extended

vaporous tendrils:

to search for

the man,

to caress his

deaf ears,

to coax him

from the bottle

back towards listening.

Love is Blue
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André Popp L'amour est Bleu - Suki Fisher

January 1998

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